Empath Workshop With

Angel Medium Michael

Your Mind Controls Your Energy 



Led by Angel Whisperer Michael Terzi

An Empath is a person with the psychic ability to feel the mental or emotional state of another person. Being an Empath can be very difficult to deal with. Finding it hard to be around certain individuals, taking on other people's emotions, feeling drained, and avoiding crowded places are just a few of the symptoms. Come learn how to shield yourself and use this gift to YOUR benefit and feel free around others.

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Come out to The Mindful Lotus in Lake Elsinore for an Empath training class!


There are many people out there with empathic abilities. Intuitive, Animal, Physical, and Emotional Empaths are just a few examples. Not everyone is the same when it comes to empathic abilities, but the link between us all is that we have the ability to control and use this gift for the betterment of ourselves and others! In this class we will learn what kind of empathic ability we have. We will go through and explore the empath categories to simplify and categorize the root of this gift so it's easier to comprehend. Whether we are a Physical or an Emotional Empath, our abilities are truly unique and remarkable.


Together we can begin your spiritual quest to understand this side of yourself and how you can use it to help you through daily life and how we can help others around us with this gift as well. Michael wants to help you find and practice a better understanding of this mysterious and powerful side of who you are. So if you have felt that you have empathic ability but don't know where to begin, please come out to The Mindful Lotus for this innovative way at looking at energy and how we can focus it.

Grab your tickets while you can as seating is limited. Michael hopes to see you there!






115 W Franklin St. 

Lake Elsinore, CA 92530





$35 Per Person


*RSVP & Prepay is a MUST due to limited seating. 

For tickets contact Angie at 951-245-8785

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See you at the Empath Training Class!